The sun shone through the curtains leaving a pretty pattern on my duvet, And I was sure that I didn’t want to miss a good day out. Maria my flat mate was off to chapel market. A place as a child I had loved not only because of all the stalls but this was a happy memory for my mum as she herself use to go here with her dad for pie and mash  on a Friday.

So I jumped out of bed threw on clothes and decided to go with her, and here is the evidence of where the adventure begins

So we went a little crazy on the card shopping, what can I say I am a sucker for cards.until I stated night shifts I didn’t actually realise how important this quote was.


So the last few remaining photos of me drinking that gorgeous mocktail and the food are from a little restaurant called thelittlevietkitchen.  It is in chapel market and I would totally recommend any one to go there, the food is nice and fresh and made daily and it just was totally cute for you and a friend to have a good catch up whilst digging in to some amazing foods. The staff was so helpful and incredible and seeing as it was my first time eating there I didn’t know what to go for but when the staff gave us what they would have, you could really tell how passionate they was about the love off food and there job. I will leave a link so if you are ever around this area to go and stalk and have a delicious meal, It’s totally worth every penny and it would be somewhere I would go again and again.

Lots of Love

Em x



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