It’s always been a destination I have always wanted to see, what with its golden treasures and mouth watering food. So I was more than happy to get it off a standby at 23:45 the night before.

So lets get cracking a 13 hour flight later, I was in Thailand the weather was humid and I was in need for a shower and a scrub down, there is something about working 13 hours on the plane that just makes you want to have the longest shower. So an hour bus ride in and we was in the hotel first thing first is the bed test which is laying on the bed and hoping that the marshmallow texture duvet and pillow will swallow you up whole and that’s when you know that if it does that you will be in for the best sleep.

Anyway after a freshen up I may off accidentally fell asleep for 4 hours opps, However when I woke up I was starving so I knew it was time to really go and explore Bangkok by night.

Stall Market:

A  market that was central and close to where we was staying was the art box Bangkok market, Located in the Chuvit Garden. It open from 4pm-12pm all week and it is full of beautiful bespoke stalls from vintage lace dresses to wooden plates with animal faces to henna tattoo and moving on to the best section the food I had managed to get my hands on some pad Thai which was 60 THB in GBP that is 1.57. And it was so good I can not even explain it like for 1.57 it was incredible I do recommend the street food over any sort of restaurants.

Early bird catches the worm:

The next day was an early one, some how I was up at 4 am and that only meant one thing it meant planning what to do for the day that was indeed my clear day now as crew! A clear day is a day you have to yourself to do as you please as you will not be flying home until the next day.


So grabbing my purse I was out to explore what Bangkok had to offer.

First stop was a shopping mall to grab some breakfast it was a taxi ride away and I would advice not to ask how much it would be to get some where but to let the metre run because if they know your a tourist they will bump up the price the shopping mall was called  Siam Paragon (Rama Road in Pathum Wan District) it is one off the largest shopping malls in Thailand it includes a range of specialty stores and restaurants a food court as well as a cinema and its even got a sea life ocean world  however I went straight to the food court, now its completely different unlike the food halls in your local Westfield’s, with this one you have to put money onto a pre loaded card and than you can go to any food counter and using that get your food, best bit is you can get the money that you don’t spend back.

We had a bit of a look around but someone that was a must to go and see was MBK Center, also known as Mahboonkrong it is a large shopping mall in Bangkok,  and has over eight storeys, the center contains around 2,000 shops which is amazing especially because there is a few stores that sell quite a good few fakes if that’s what you are after or like me your after a famous elephant dress.

After the famous markets  and the  food it was time to go to the golden temple, so it was another taxi journey the best bit about going to the golden temple is it is also by china town so you can basically do two things for a taxi price of one adventure.


china town:  

Bangkok has a china town and it is extremely popular tourist attraction, It is food heaven off course but it also has vibrant street side stalls and roasted chestnuts which is very autumn and Christmas we also managed to get to a Chinese temple photo included.


And after the walking around the beautiful city and getting caught in the monsoon rain it was time for the pool party and with that in view that is the end of my little short but sweet Bangkok lay over. So until next time Bangkok.


Lots of Love



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