Tis the Season



`Tis the season, and if you haven’t noticed here at jumpseat journals we are in  full swing . I mean I will be honest I.T is not my strongest point and my logo did take me nearly half of my standby 8 hours to complete but never the less  it is up and we are rolling. God I sound like such a film maker ( YouTube on the cards) I think not I can barley write on this let alone film a few seconds of my day – Lets get on with the blog…..


So tis is the season.  Joy to all, and what are we going to talk about today on this well to start with how about how I have made a promise to myself to do “blogmas” , that’s 25 post on this as well as a few extra for those who are here to  read all about my lay over life as a trolley dolly. God this is going to be exhausting how about we settle down with a baileys on ice and for those who can’t maybe a hot chocolate and we can talk about all the festive joys that are to come.

Now when planning blogmas ( I know I actually planned something) Shock horror.  I had quite a lot of inspiration about what to write when to post and when to actually give myself time to do it. Hence this being the first post which I wrote on the 21st November.  No shame I was feeling ther festivity.

December can be full on for most if not everyone, You’ve got the busy work period for those in retail you’ve got everyone buying everything making sure you’ve given them the right gift receipts because you know deep down they will be back in the sales to exchange it with the famous lines of ” Old dear aunt betty didn’t like it” Off course she didn’t you clearly were thinking with you in mind not her.  You’ve than also got the people that work in public service and  not knowing if they have Christmas of or if they do, you have them worrying about not knowing when to fit in Christmas shopping because they’ve been given 110 other things to do before they can pick up there coats and than there is the  office workers trying to plan a Christmas party were half the people that work there couldn’t be asked if they played secret Santa or not and them on count down on the google calendar  till they can shut the laptops of  and leave the office. And for people like me, well you can be all over the place Literally.  And that means that its other write your Christmas cards now or send a post card when at your destination laying at the pool with a  ” wish you was here”.

So you see with all that stress you’re probably all thinking now well when I am going to fit in the festive enjoyment, and my answer is make time because you don’t want to miss out on the lights going up and the Christmas tree decoration or in my home the wrapping paper war! Why my boyfriend thinks he can get better wrapping paper than me is wild but we will let him live his dream I suppose.

With that in mind  I have come up with 5 festive things we should all be able to do in the month of December. If you think I am being crazy tell me in the comments and if you have more to say than well still add it in the comments because I want to know.

Believe me I want to know what your top festive things are to do this december.

  1. The tree going up! Now every year I feel like this gets earlier and earlier BUT its a must you have to do it.
  2.  Festivity with friends and family! Going to a Christmas market? If so what ones? I love a good mulled wine.
  3.  Movie nights in ( Grinch, Christmas chronical , Home alone, ELF)
  4.  Nights out ( That Christmas office party) Go to it and dress up its Christmas after all
  5.  Ice skating  ( Now I cant skate I cant even walk without tripping myself up over someone foot or case  – the glamourous life of a flight attendant) I have no eye coordination at all but Ice skating is something I want to do this year and yes I will blog about it so keep your eyes pealed to your phones for that notification coming through….. Because well I know you have it turned on * Wink*



Now that I have given 5, I want to see what every one else has…. or comes up with honestly write it below because I will make time to try and do it! And You can watch it all on the Instagram or like I said before on here when I upload it ( Hopefully not with a broken leg from the ice skating)


and without further more information of me overloading your brain with words. Tis all I have for you until tomorrow.


Lots of Love






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