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This year I have made it my mission to read more, and in fact not just read more but to blog about it and kind of make an environment just dedicated to books and reviews. I recently did a post at Christmas time reviewing the book the Christmas shopaholic by Sophie kindall and the response was incredible. It got me thinking I would love to be part of a book club or make a book club so here is me starting of a new dream and adventure and making a space on my blog to dedicate to books.

In doing so my first book of the year was a book called ” The day we meet again”. I fell in love with it instantly the story line is so touching but also this book has a special meaning to me as its based in St Pancras which is my home and also where I used to work but also because it where I for the first time met my partner an incredible man that I no doubt you will all be reading about in months to come.

The day we meet again

The Author: Miranda Dickinson

The Review:

Their love story was like no other it started with a goodbye, Phoebe and Sam are the main characters in this tale meeting at St Pancras station they are both on a journey to discover who they truly are along with being head over in heels in love with one another. But like most their journey is not easy obstacle form and things get in the way. This story brought me Happiness tears and laughter I became engrossed in their love story from the first page until the last sentence.

This is the first book I have read by Miranda Dickinson and I was struck by how well and beautifully this was written I was so invested in Phoebe and Sam’s love for each other and hoping beyond hope that they made it in the end. As our romantic hero I thought Sam was perfect. A Scottish island fiddle playing with a heart of gold, And Phoebe was like a breath of fresh air a girl who besides what others said went out and travelled Europe and in so discovered herself. I thought this was such a heartfelt tale for a story, throwing them together and then tearing them apart. But it’s not only about their romance, it’s also about them finding out what makes them tick. a journey they both go on, Physically and emotionally. So to conclude, wonderful characters, stunning locations a heartfelt story that is perfect for them light readers and readers that invest everything into the books.

Where to buy: I actually came across this book in the works a 3 for £5.00 however you can purchase the book via Amazon at  £4.50 or Waterstones at £7.99

Have your say: If you have read this book , or shared a connection with a book I would love to know so leave a message down below and we can start an exchange? What book blew you away and how?

Until my next read

Lots of Love



8 thoughts on “The day we meet again – Book Club

  1. Ahh I always see this book and wander if it would be a good read, now I feel like I must absolutely give it a read.
    Loved your review of it, you gave just enough without giving it all away!

    I shared a really connection with Dolly Alderton’s book ‘Everything I know about love’. It isn’t a fictional book, it is about her life and experiences. But it so honest and funny, her experiences really resonated with me and I was hooked!

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    • Aw thankyou so much for the lovely comment, it is honestly such a great read you’ll have to tell me what you thought about it once you’re finished. I actually have that book it’s on my what to read this year so I am looking forward to getting round to it xx

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