The Holiday¬ Book Review

Hey my loves, hope you have managed to get a cup of tea and a biscuit because it is time for another book review. This time I have changed it up instead of the average heart throb book! I have invested in a book called The Holiday. Now with this book it got me on the edge of my seat it got me always wanting to read more even if that was at two am with the lamp on whilst the other half tried to sleep! I am sorry for those moments, But it did mean that I could finish it and write a review on it for all you lovely readers.

The Author¬ T.M Logan

The Review¬

Seven days. Three families. One Killer.
This book captures the perfect holiday the one everyone dreams about, the one where four best friends who have been in each other lives since college come together with their families to spend a week in the sun in a luxurious villa in the south of France.
However this is no Happy ending about a great tan and a catch up on a sun lounger with endless wine from a vineyard. One character soon realises that her husband is having an affair and makes it her mission for the week to grab every opportunity she can to catch him in the act once and for all. I say catch him because the woman is one of the three best friends..
With this in mind, you get captured into the  the character who goes by the name of Kate,  she knows that one of her best friends a woman she has trusted a woman she has believed to be her best friend is know willing to sacrifice years of friendship to destroy her perfect happy family, But which one is it? with this book at this point and even on the first page it gets you thinking, it gets you wanting to put pieces of the puzzle together to help and realise who could be this person? who could do this to a person? Towards the end you will not want to put the book down, I remember being at work on my break when everyone else was asleep with my torch light trying to play Miss Marple. 
As you read on you see that Kate closes in on the truth in the midst of the deep debts of the Mediterranean glow , she realises its  may just be a little too late  Because someone in the villa is  prepared to kill to keep their secret hidden.
And without giving to much away, I would suggest that you go to your nearest store and pick up a copy. who do you think done it? and if so what did they do? How far did they go to protect a secret?
What I have personally loved about this book is how the author has managed to capture it in away that every page is a cliff hanger. Every page wants you turning over to read more it is a story about Love betrayal and loyalty and how people were right to say keep your friends close but enemies closer.
with that little hanger, I shall leave you until next time.
Where you can buy from, Off course there is loads of places you can purchase this book from Amazon, The works 
Have a great day and hope to hear from you all soon ( if you have read this or a book similar I would love to know) get in contact or leave a message below.

Lots of Love




2 thoughts on “The Holiday¬ Book Review

    • It is honestly a great read, I also love a good thriller although not a fan off horror movies? I know work that out! It is a great book and what I loved was how it was 3 for £5 in the works so i managed to get a few more! x


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