With Love From India

Hey hens, how are we all? Hens I know who do I think I am? Scottish? Sadly not but it is all I hear these days so I have adapted it to my postcard with love from India.

India is a country I have been lucky enough to visit a few times, Times with family and other times with my Best friend when we decided to trek India and go climb the Himalayas, an adventure of a life time I can assure you.

This time however it was with work, A short little layover in New Delhi with a detour to Agra to see one of the many wonders of the world and my lord what a beautiful site it was, what with the on going virus in the world it was the first time I had ever seen the Taj Mahal so empty. I later on got to know that it was in fact the last time they was letting anyone in the Taj until this awful virus has Foxtrot Oscar out off here.

From where we was staying in New Delhi it was based within Areocity. If you have not guessed by now it was quite close to the airport. We landed around 01:54 and was in the hotel no earlier then just gone 02:00. With a quick shower and change and a refill of the great primark hot water bottle it was a gather in the reception to where we would go on and meet the driver! The drive to Agra is around 3 to 4 hours depending on the traffic you would like to think at that time the roads are empty! But no. India is full of life and love and the city and roads never seem to sleep. If you are staying in India on travels I would recommend the train which takes around 2-3 Hours and the experience is much greater then that off a car.

There was about 5 off us that went to the Taj. We had a mini bus and the driver was actually from our hotel who did tours however there is so many great tours out there on the internet for the Taj Mahal ( Emma’s top tip: Book before you go to India and scout out the best prices). Our friendly driver came complete with mineral water and soft drinks, along with a take away breakfast and snacks from the hotel.
As the journey is quite long it was a great way for us all to catch up on that missing sleep we was lacking from doing the night flight over. If you are coming from New Delhi the  drive takes you via a new expressway to Agra.

Upon arrival to Agra we was introduced by our approved tour guide he briefed us on the day and where to get our tickets and tokens and showed us around the ivory-white marble mausoleum and a view off  the bank of the yamuna river.

After we had a little tour of the Taj Mahal, it was time for us to head back so we could sleep before bringing the flight back to the UK. Although it was short and sweet I was really glad I managed to still go and see the sights of this beautiful country.

Until next time

Stay Safe

Lots of Love




























us about what our day would involve and the history and beauty of Taj Mahal, When we arrived it was at the most “magical time of the day”.

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