The Switch | Book Review

Hey Readers, this month’s book review was dedicated to the switch by Beth O’Leary, The author who had a huge success with the flat share and an author who makes me feel so captivated with her words and the whole story line in general. The Switch her second novel provides the perfect reading material and has especially got me through these uncertain and anxious times in lock down.

The Author- Beth O’Leary

The Story Line –

So, the story line is based on two characters One is Miss Leena Cotton and the other is Eileen Cotton. Without giving to much away Lenna cotton lives in London and  is known as an overachiever which is why when she gets ordered to take a two month sabbatical after an issue at work she has to get away and in doing so ends up at her grandmother Eileen’s house .Now Eileen is newly single and about to turn eighty. She would like a second chance at love, but her tiny Yorkshire village does not offer many eligible gentlemen. Hence the Switch. Life will never be the same again for either woman, the new adventures, love, and challenges in their lives offer them the opportunity to process and come to terms with their grief whilst allowing them opportunities to evolve their identities

I will leave the story line there because I would hate to give too much away.

The Genre

  • Romance
  • Fiction
  • Contemporary



The Review-


O’Leary has such a remarkable talent when it comes to writing mixing wit with charm and humor whilst having created the kindest of characters who you cannot help but feel attached too.  With chapters being about one another it was amazing to get the two-point view across! I must say I was always happy to get to Eileen’s Pov. The book is a page turner all on its own and you cannot help but want to get to the next chapters just to see what happens next. A light-hearted book that touches on so many personal subjects. It was a perfect read to get me through this lock down and as a massive fan of Beth O’Leary work, I was so excited and happy for her for producing yet another incredible novel.



If any of you have not already read the works of O’Leary, I suggest that you do. And if you have then let me know in the comments what you thought of this book and if you could recommend any other books for the upcoming months.


Lots of Love

Stay Safe




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