With Love From | Fields and Sea

Last week I did a blog post on WITH LOVE FROM | HIGHLANDS ROAD TRIP. and I said that because I could write
about Scotland all day long that I would do this travel blog in two parts.

So, after we had left our day out at Inverness castle and the walk along Ness River. We drove an hour up towards Barns Highland Campsite.

Barns Highland Campsite.

Location: Kinchyle Farm | Nairn | IV12 5NY |

Based on a farm in the Highlands of Scotland, on the banks of the river
Nairn, it is the perfect campsite with its views that overlook the hills and
only a few miles from spectacular beaches. Along with the general campsite they
also offer Glamping pods and other facilities including a children’s park a
nature walks and a communal bothy.

We only stayed there for one night, but I wish we stayed longer and in fact
as soon as we have more free time we will defiantly be going back for longer.
When we were there it was rainy and windy but the sound of that is cosy when
you are in the shelter of the tent with a good cuppa tea.

We had planned for a BBQ just as the weather the last few days had been scorching
and the campsite allowed BBQ’s however as I said it was raining so we decided
to jump into the car and head down to a near village called Fisher town. The
town had a harbour and a sandy beach. Although what with the heavens opening, we
got our fish and chip supper and went back to the car. (Note to self: Eat fish
and chips with the window down next time). As I grew up in the south of England
by the coast I always would say how the fish and chips down there was the best
but in saying that I meant that the fish and chips were the best because in central
London well fish and chips just don’t cut it. This is an ongoing discussion
with my other half seeing as he is Scottish were apparently, they do the best
fish and chips!

Back to the tent, we played card games and tried to finish of watching a
movie we had started earlier in the week obviously this didn’t last long seeing
as in the open air and all that walking had somehow knocked me out.

Waking up to all the early risers was a treat. During the night it had been
really windy so I had woken up a few times due to the tent rustles but come 6
am it seemed like the whole world was wide awake, I could hear fellow campers getting
up and walking over to the wash rooms and some starting up the cars. When I
adventured out of the tent I was greeted to my lovely boyfriend cooking up a breakfast
of dreams ( Potato scones and square sausage) He couldn’t go wrong especially
with the ritual with a cup of tea in his hands to greet me with.

After breakfast and washes had been done It was time to leave the campsite
and head on over to Lossiemouth beach. Now ideally the side of the beach we wanted
to be on was closed due to an unstable bridge and what with all our clothes on
still and picnic we could not exactly swim over to it. So, we had to jump back
in the car and drive 3 miles over to a section of the beach that was in use.

The beach was gorgeous, and the water was so clear, although yes, we did
find a crab and little fish that may or may not have freaked me out. Everything
else was perfect and I was even brave enough to take my phone in the water with
me! We ended our time at the beach with an ice cream before heading back down
to Aberfeldy.

Short and sweet but that includes our little stay-cation in Scotland. I hope
everyone is keeping well and some what getting life to normal. I am still on
furlough until the end of the month, but I do have a surprise up and coming
your way!

Until then.

Lots of Love

Stay Safe


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